Push0ver Documentation

So you want to switch your project to Push0ver...


    Push from Command Line using .jar:

  • export JAVA_HOME='readlink -f /etc/alternatives/java_sdk'

  • $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -Dart.url[Artifactory URL] -Dart.username=[username] -Dart.password=[password] -Drepo.name=[name-of-Artifactory-repo] -jar /path/to/push0ver.jar [project-dir] push

  • NOTE: Additional Dependencies in the classpath are required.

    Tagging Logic:

  • Given a git checkout, this utility extracts the most salient tag for a given HEAD.

  • The logic is compatible with traditional Maven artifact versioning amp; numbering schemes

  • 1) If the current HEAD commit contains one or more tags, return the largest one. NOTE: 1.11 > 1.9 and 0.0.1 > 999.999-SNAPSHOT.

  • 2) If the current HEAD does not contain any tags, go back in history to find the most recent tag. NOTE: If most recent tag was a Release tag (0.0.1), will return null. Otherwise, will return most recent SNAPSHOT.


  • Problem: My Artifacts aren't in Artifactory, and the Logs say 'Perhaps it was one of these...' followed by one or more Git tags

  • Solution: Your tag is likely not in the HEAD. Workaround: You can either run the tool locally against that tag using the Command Line method, or Push an incremented tag to your most recent commit, and build again.